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Your project deserves the best talent to work on. Your innovation deserves the best team to be realized. Get to know the new way of achieving common goals.

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  • achieving goals together
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 We support teams with sharpening their ambition, enriching their knowledge and the right step-by-step guidance to achieve their goal.

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On our open learning platform, research which elements fit into your initiative. This is to make the impact you have in mind with the right knowledge.


Live your ambition and get it moving through our network platform that matches the right people for you.

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The Upgrade Society platform

Our platform is an artificial intelligence platform that independently, without human intervention,

matches the right teams to realize joint ambitions.


We are good at bringing professionals together when it comes to projects within and outside organizations. Assembling startup teams but also matching startups with potential investors.


We bring like-minded professionals together to achieve goals. We use the term Minimal Viable Teams for this. Which means as much as the minimal team you need to make your project succeed.

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