the upgrade society.
making teams work.


"The upgrade society provides the first artificial intelligence platform in the world that optimally matches teams and allows teams to work together at their best. "

What is your team challenge?


I am looking for the right people for projects.

With our matching we help put together the right teams for projects. Hard skills, soft skills and based on personality & ambition.


No longer the same teams or external hiring every time while the knowledge is available in-house. Just the best people doing the right things.

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I want my teams to work measurably on the

right goals.

In order to arrive at the right teams, it is necessary to first determine a clear direction and to anchor this on a tactical and operational level. 


We do this by implementing the OKR standard of Google throughout the organization.


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I want my teams to work better together.

In our academy we train teams to work together optimally. Both in what they do, how they do it and in the mutual cooperation.


Themes of the academy are innovation, professional leadership and organizational development.


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The upgrade society through the eyes of Max .


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