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After following this MOOC

You know as a participant:

  • What is important to be able to innovate: prototyping, business model hacking, learning platforms and ecosystems

  • How you can open up, set motion and lead yourself and others to innovate

  • What you can do to further develop yourself as an innovation leader


As a participant, do you have:

  • Insight into techniques that you can use for innovation

  • Inspiration to try out new techniques

  • Tools to learn more to strengthen yourself as an innovation leader


About this MOOC

Innovation and the necessary transformation of people and organizations are more topic than ever. But how do you inspire professionals, what are the “hot topics” and what tools can you use? In other words, what can actually be learned about innovation and transformation? The Upgrade Society is a network of innovation experts and aims to help people and organizations become more innovative. That is why The Upgrade Society organizes this “tasting” of topics and experts, to investigate what inspires you or your organization around innovation and transformation.

The main goal we aim to inspire you about innovation and transformation:

- provide inspiration

- make experts visible

- initiate lively discussion

- building a community of innovation enthusiasts


The MOOC starts on Tuesday, June 22, 2020 at 9:00 AM.

Level 1:  Innovation Ecosystem - Hugo Bakkenist

Level 2: Become an agile organization by prototyping - Edwin van der Geest

Level 3: Anticipating through digital leadership - Petra Hendriksen

Level 4: Get moving - Stijn Janssen

Level 5: Innovate with an empty head - Esther van der Ham

Level 6: Innovation with learning platforms - Jos Maassen

Level 7: Business model hacking - Rolf van Haren



MOOC facilitators

The MOOC is facilitated by the above-described experts at their own level. They will also refer to each other's levels in the discussions that take place. You can also meet them during the kick off ZOOM session and the (possible) closing session.

Who is this MOOC for?

For anyone who is curious about innovation and transformation.



Participation in this MOOC is free.


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