Expat Valley's Business Challenge

Our challenge is that we want to create a teaching solution that celebrates children’s diversity to foster ethnocultural empathy amongst all students.

Each year, a growing number of number of “foreign” students enter “national” schools, as more and more families move internationally with the intention to build a long-term future in the new country. A soft landing for these children would support their integration and wellbeing, but schools and teachers are spread thin: supporting students of different educational systems, speaking a variety of languages and adjusting to different cultural perspectives that their parents bring to education. There are no pragmatic solutions to for schools to welcome foreign students, let alone that local students and their parents are considered as part of the solution.

There is a massive opportunity here to bring foreign culture, beliefs, traditions, food, and stories into the classroom to help everyone prepare for a globalizing world.

Children that grow up across cultures naturally develop the skill of ethnocultural empathy: the ability to relate to the feelings of people from a different ethnic or cultural background as themselves. By making inclusion important in schools, and celebrating diversity, this skill can be transferred to children that have less opportunity to spend time abroad.

Why is this important?

Children (and their parents) who develop the ability to understand and relate to people of other ethnicities and cultures will bring us a big step closer to World Peace. We want to make it super easy for schools to celebrate all the wonderful things that children from different backgrounds bring with them. All children should feel safe among what is different from what they learned at home, and experience diversity in their school (and living environment) as richness.

About Expat Valley

Expat Valley is the world’s first Ombudsman for International Children. We work for and with children that grow up in an international context. We are standing up for a future in which children's voices are being heard and decisions are made with the best interest of children in mind.

Contact us if you want to join, to get more information: hello@theupgradesociety.com

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